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Top Tips

For Texas Parties

Awesome Party Props

Hiring party props can make your party really stand out. Funny glasses to drink from or over sized shades for your guests can give your party a memorable and unique character. Party props don't have to be over the top and there are thousands of cool ideas out there

Get in touch with us at KidPackz and we can style your bounce house or inflatable party rentable to your parties theme.

Party Props
Kid having fun on bounce house rental from Kidpackz

Kids & Bounce Houses

If you are wondering what the right bounce house for your toddler or young child is, just give us a call. 

Bounce houses are a really fun and safe way to entertain young kids. They are by nature very soft and encourage kids to tumble in a safe space. 

Of course some bounce houses can be very tall or have no side barriers and that is why we at KidPackz make sure to understand our clients needs and the best practices for the safety of the children.

Outdoor Games

Naturally in the summer time we love to turn on the hose and pull out the water slides, but sometimes you might find your self wondering what else yiou can do out doors...

Here is our favourite games to play out doors:

KidPackz - Birthday Games Ideas
KidPackz Party Ideas

Outdoor Games


This game is a variation of tag and hide & seek. One person or a team of people are designated as "it" and a can is placed in the middle of the playing area. The other people run off and hide while the "it" covers his or her eyes and counts to a certain number. "It" then tries to find everyone. If a person is tagged by "it", they go into a holding pen for captured players. If one of the un-captured players manages to kick the can, the captured players are released. The game is over once all the non-"it" players are in the holding pen. Number of Players: Ideally at least three. Equipment: A metal can.

Outdoor Games


This game is most fun when played with a large group. Split the group into two teams, each team having a flag or other marker at the team's base. The object of the game is to run into the other team's territory, capture their flag and make it safely back to your own territory. You can tag "enemy" players in your territory, sending them to your jail. They can be sprung from jail by a member of their own team running into your territory, tagging them and running back, with one freed person allowed per jail break. It is sometimes played that all the people in jail could hold hands and make a chain back toward their own territory, making it easier for members of their team to tag them. We also played a similar game called Steal the Sticks. It had almost the same rules, but several sticks were used instead of one flag. Number of Players: A large group. Equipment: Two flags or other markers.

KidPacks Party Ideas
KidPackz Party Ideas

Outdoor Games


This is a variation of Tag where if the person who is "it" tags you, you have to freeze where you are. Another participant can tag you to unfreeze you. Number of Players: A small group. Equipment: None.

Outdoor Games


A favorite game in Tudor and Victorian England, this game is yet another variation on tag. The person who is "it" wears a blindfold and tries to tag the other players. Be sure to play this in an area safe from obstructions and other hazards. Number of Players: A small group. Equipment: A blindfold.

KidPackz Party Games Ideas
KidPackz Party Games

Outdoor Games


Dunking your head in bucket and fishing for apples with your teeth while your hands are tied behind your back, nuff said. This game is a classic and it can be played with any number of people, guaranteeing plenty of laughs along the way.Number of Players: A small group. Equipment: A big bucket or tub, a blindfold and some rope.

Hiring Party Equipment

Finding the perfect supplier is really easy. There are a number of paty suppliers in the texas area and we work with the best of them! If you are looking for party rentals in the San Marcos area, give us a call.

Pool Party Straws
Kid Packz Bounce Houses

Bounce House Rentals in San Marcos

KidPackz is a specialist in Bounce House and inflatable party rentals in the San Marcos area If you need party supplies, inflatable rentals and more you should look no further and contact us today.

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